Friday, October 21, 2016



We all face reality in our own time. When we do admit to our own humility we all think the best of ourselves. We all think we can be graceful and honorable as we step down in humility. Yet we also try to hold onto our dreams, our higher aspirations, even accepting some change to those aspirations when we face the realities of setbacks, too little support around our ideals, or even defeat.

Honestly, what would be your highest hope for a defeated presidential candidate who had to offer a concession speech? You can write out your ideas, a full 15-minute speech if you like and then offer the same to a candidate to let that campaign know how an honorable concession would sound, what it might include, and how it could be effective. Below is my offer to Mr. Donald J. Trump:

“Friends, friends! I’d like to get your attention. I have to tell you . . .  there’s a lot of work ahead now, yes, now! A lot of work!! Thanks to you, to my family and to so many millions, I say tons of millions of citizens, supporters, enthusiasts across this country we have really started something here, with this citizen banded campaign. We have really, really started something here! Now! Are you ready to work for more? Good, I’m ready too.

“In this campaign for the US President, all of you have backed me, have rallied behind me as your champion. If you still see me as your champion, then thanks!! I am honored and prepared to fight on, to do the work. And you too can do some work, in your communities and in your states. Yes, I’m giving you license, license to get more involved just as you have spurred me on to get more out of our nation, then I’m turning the tables on all of you to get more involved. Speak out at all sorts of meetings and keep this campaign of citizens going! Keep it going! I’ve offered you examples, I’ve offered you my courage, encouragement. Keep it going! You can speak out at city councils, and county commissions. You can lift up your schools, police forces and the businesses around your homes by joining the school boards, and chambers of commerce, community policing and citizen police reviews. Support your police forces, really we must. You can each take action, you can each continue to have your voices heard and your visions expressed. That’s what I’m encouraging you to do! Keep it up!!

“Cause now I have some sad news to share. I made the phone call, yes, I dialed the phone and just spoke with Secretary Clinton. I thanked her for a spirited competition and I have agreed that she and her campaign have won the race for the presidency. Yes, I did, yes. Hold on, but, hold on, you can not forget my opening message to you today. Yes, she won this race, but we are all still moving ahead with our efforts to have citizens heard and to have citizens play their roles! Keep it going! Now! Now! . . .  she will not dominate this country. Citizens will dominate, and citizens will direct this country and citizens will act to make things happen and she’ll be reacting to you and following your lead. You become the champions, all of you, all of the Trump voices, you become your own champions, taking action and leading this country into greatness. You can do this, keep it up and keep supporting each other to speak out, voice your best wishes for our nation. Keep it going!!

“And I thank you, I thank each and every one of you! Damn this is tough! You know, I have committed so many hours and so much energy and so many dreams, do you follow that? Commit your dreams to the best, to improving your country so it can be its best!! Commitment!! Do we all understand what it means to commit our dreams to our country? I wanted so much to please all of you, to fulfill the committed dreams, to make you know that we could get this done, have a truly great president. And now I have to thank you, each of you, thank you for committing your dreams to me and to this campaign. Thanks to Mike Pence, his family and staff, and to my wonderful wife and children! Thanks!! Thanks! Wow, through the primaries and the rallies, in hundreds of locations, the airports and convention centers, we have committed so much to making America great again, and I thank you and I am pleading with you to keep it going. Don’t give up on your champions, you are now the champions, don’t give up, keep it going! Keep it going!

“I’ll speak with you again, another day. For this good night may God bless the US of A and bless all of her citizens and their committed voices, their committed dreams. God bless and keep it going!”

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